DEB400DT Ballast for DLH400DT,
dedoPAR & DLH400SDT
The DEB400DT flicker-free ballast is designed to power the DLH400DT,
dedoPAR , and DLH400SDT light heads.  Three versions are available for
regular speed, high speed (500 Hz to 1000 Hz) and switchable.
Manufactured out of extruded aluminum, it is lightweight yet rugged.
It can be mounted to the light stand with its optional ballast
holder (DEB400H).
The housing ribbed surface acts as a heat sink and offers sturdy
mounting points for the electronics inside.  All switches, connectors
and indicator lights are recessed and protected from impact.
The DEB400DT ballast will withstand the abuse during shipping, keep
functioning in rental fleets and remain good looking for many years.
Main features:
     * Dimmable 100 - 35%
     * Boost position for added light output with the DLH400DT (400W/575W)
     * Active power factor correction
     * Over voltage, overload, overheat & short circuit protections
     * Auto start mode on request
     * Simple to monitor with 3 LED status
       indicators (ready, lamp, heat).
     * Lightweight: 7.5 lbs and
     * Compact: 5" x 5" x 9.3"
High Speed:
     * 500 Hz to 1000 Hz
     * Ignition frequency: 140 Hz.
     *5 seconds between ignition & 1000 Hz.

DEB400 ballast front

DEB400 ballast side