DLED7 Turbo 2x 90W Lights
The DLED7 comes with its yoke.  Mounting:  16mm (5/8") receptacle & 28mm (11/8") stud.
It can also be ordered in 2 Studio Versions with the Yoke holding both the head and ballast or Pole Operated.

The accessories that fit the Classic dedolights also fit the DLED7 Turbo.

The new DLED7 Turbo lights are compact, quiet, and pack a lot
of punch.   They are ideal for small or mobile crews.
The footprint and weight of the DLED7 has remained the same
as the DLED4 with double the output.
The bi-color version with 2x 90W sources is continuously
adjustable from 2700K to 6500K while only pulling 90W. 
Daylight or Tungsten versions are also available.
The focus range is from 6º to 85º with the wide angle
attachment (DLWAR).
The complete focus range is traveled in a single turn of the ring.
The design of the patented non-spherical optics provides a
perfect light distribution within the beam from flood to spot and
a clean beam- with no stray light outside the beam.
The DLED7-BI head weighs only 3 lbs and at 3ft outputs 2,600 lux
(243 fc) in flood and 21,000 lux (1952 fc) in spot.

Add to the DLED7 its dedicated parallel beam attachment
(DPBA-714) and the light output is tripled: from 5,250 lux (488 fc)
at 6ft to 18800 lux (1,747 fc).
The Parallel Beam Attachment not only triples the output,
but it also opens the door to the Lightstream® Reflective Light
Technology, where a single light is the fill light, key light and
kick light.
Safe for the actors: thanks to dedolight® experience at designing
and manufacturing lights for major museums, the DLED7 UV
emissions are negligeable.  Our special coating is applied on the
inner side of the front lens and does not affect the visible light,
color rendition or transmission. 
The DLED7 Ballast comes in 3 power configurations: AC (DT7-BI), DC with
Anton-Bauer battery adapter (DT7-BAT-AB) or DC with an XLR4 connector
(DT7-BAT-XLR).  9 ft and 30ft extension cables are available to separate
the head further from the ballast.  The DLED7 light can be as far as 30 ft
(3 extension cables) without any line loss.
The ballast is extremely simple to operate with an on/off switch and 2 knobs
for color and dimming.  The display shows the dimming level and the
color temperature.  A DMX version is also available. 
3x DLED7 Turbo lights in action:  1 with a projection slide and 2 with soft boxes. 
Photometrics Wisdom:
Thanks to our patented non-spherical optics, dedolight fixtures show an equal intensity over the entire lit area. Other manufacturers' fixtures have a bell shape light distribution area, with a hot spot in the center.
If a narrow beam is desired, the dedolight DLED7 is set to spot (down to 6º).  Photometrics for DLED7.