DLH400/575 with Parallel Beam Attachment
The building block to the Reflected Light revolution
(dedolight® Lightstream) is a clean, even, perfectly parallel light
beam that is aimed at reflectors of diverse functions.
The DLH400DT (Metal Halide 400W) Daylight/Tungsten focusing
light offers a wider focus range than any other professional light.
The design of the patented non-spherical optics provides a
perfect light distribution within the beam.  From flood to spot:
no variation of intensity within the beam, no hotspot. 
Outside the beam: no parasitic light. 
Its output surpasses any equivalent Fresnel system:
the DLH400DT has a 3 times higher output in spot position (4.5º).
The Parallel Beam Attachment (DPBA-14)
for the DLH400DT has been designed
specifically for it. The unique design of the
focusing dedolights® makes them a perfect
and unmatched parallel beam light source.
The DLH400DT is also called DLH400/575
as it can be run at 575W without any
detrimental effect on the life of the lamp
and still delivers a very narrow spot of 4º.
When adding its Parallel Beam Attachment, the spot remains 4º,
but the output is doubled. The output soars
from 27,565 lux @ 2m (6ft) in spot to 59,530 lux@ 2m (6ft)
with the Parallel Beam Attachment in flood.
Specs DHL400DT with
Parallel beam attachment