DLH400DT 400W/575W
The DLH400/575 is a fixture for a single ended 400W daylight
metal halide lamps (hot restrike) with the widest focusing range
on the market (85º to 4.5º with the wide angle attachment). 
The design of the patented non-spherical optics provides a
perfect light distribution within the beam (left to right &
top to bottom) from flood to spot (no variation).
Clean beam: no stray light outside the beam.
It surpasses any equivalent Fresnel system:
The DLH400DT weighing under 10 lbs with a compact
footprint delivers 3 times more output than a 20 lbs
1200W Fresnel.  At 33ft in spot it throws over 3700 footcandles,
while the 1200W Fresnel is typically below 800 fc.
Add to the DLH400 its dedicated parallel beam attachment
and the ligtht output is doubled.
By all measures, the performances and price of the DLH400DT
compare advantageously with a 1200W Fresnel.
The DLH400DT is also called DLH400/575 as it can be run at
575W without any detrimental effect on the life of the lamp
and still delivers a very narrow spot of 4.5º.
dedolight® was amongst the first manufacturers to offer
tungsten metal halide bulbs.   The DLH400 can be set to
daylight or tungsten by a simple bulb change.
Easy & safe to use for the crew: the intuitive focus scale indicates
the angle of beam and on/off switches are present on both the
head and the ballast.
A safety switch prevents operation when the access door is open
for a bulb change.
Safe for the actors: thanks to dedolight® experience at designing
and manufacturing lights for major museums,
the DLH400DT UV emissions are negligeable. UV-A, UV-B and
UV-C radiations are cut below 405 nm. 
Our special coating is applied on the inner side of the front lens
and does not affect the visible light, color rendition or transmission. 
The DLH400DT UV emission is 20 times lower than comparable
light sources.
The DLH400DT operates with 1 of 3 flicker-free DEB400DT ballasts:
A regular speed, a High Speed only and a switchable ballast between
regular and high speed.  The ballasts can be switched from 575W to
400W and then dimmed to 200W, that is from 100 to 35%.
With its parallel beam attachment, it is an ideal fixture to step into the new world of reflected light.
The DP400 Imager system is designed specifically to project gobos, slides and precisely shape the DLH400 light beam.
Photometrics Wisdom:
Thanks to our patented non-spherical optics, dedolight® fixtures show an equal intensity over the entire lit area.
Other manufacturers' fixtures have a bell-shape light distribution area, with a hot spot in the center.  If a narrow beam is desired, the dedolight® DLH400DT is set to spot (down to 4.5º). Photometrics for DLH400DT, DLH650, DLH436.
The DLH400DT comes with its mounting bracket.
Mounting: 16mm (5/8") receptacle & 28mm (11/8") stud