Imager/Projection Attachments: DP1, DP2, DP3

DP1 imager on a Classic dedolight and on the DLED7

DP2 imager on a Classic dedolight

DP3 imager on a Classic dedolight

  DP1, the Universal imager:
The DP1 is very versatile thanks to its spring-loaded slot
to drop-in a wide range of accessories.
The DP1 accepts 5 prime lenses and 2 zooms to control the
image size and work from different distances.
The 85mm lens (DPL85M) is included with the DP1 while the
DP1.0 comes without lens. 
The 5 primes are:
DPL30M: 30mm projection lens, f1.8
DPL50M: 50mm projection lens, f2.8
DPLM60M: 60mm imager lens, f2.4
DPLM85mm: 85mm imager lens, f2.8
DPLM185M: 185mm imager lens, f3.5
Two Zooms:
DPLZ120M: 70-120mm imager zoom lens, f3.5
DPLZ150M: 85-125mm imager zoom lens, f3.5
Framing Shutter Blades (DPFS), Iris (DPIR), Gobo Holder (DPGH),
Glass Gobo Holder (DPGGH), Slide Holder (DPSH), Heat Filter (DHF).
  DP2, the Framing Shutter imager:
With the same optical quality as the DP1, the DP2 comes with the 85mm
prime lens and accepts a framing shutter (DPEYESET).
The 4 shutter blades are built-in and cannot slip out accidentally. 
The separator disk keeps the other blades in place while one is being
adjusted.  It is ideal for gaffers and anyone who needs to control
accurately the light shape.
The DP2.0 is a DP2 without lens.
The DP2 and DP2.0 accept the same primes and zooms as the DP1.
All are compatible with the DPEYESET, except the 30mm prime.

  DP3, the Slide Projector:
With the same optical qualities as the DP1, the DP3 includes the
85mm prime and accepts the same 5 primes and 2 zooms to control
image size and distance. 
DP3 is specifically designed to project 35mm slides and M size gobos.
The adjustable image plane allows to project behind a talent at a
30 or 45º angle.  The image on the slide is distorted to compensate
for the projection angle.  The adjustable image plane further allows to
displace the focus area within the slide or gobo.
The DP3 has a built-in cooling system (multi-speed fan) with an in-line
power supply.  Combined with the highly efficient heat reflecting filter
it allows to project for extended periods of time 35mm transparencies
with halogen and HMI lights.
The DP3.0 is a DP3 without lens.
When shooting on location, the simple act to take a still of the
background can save you the cost of flying back to the location to reshoot. 
It is a wonderful tool to transport the interviewee anywhere without
great expenses.
More about DP3 Slide Projector.