Parallel Beam Light: Eflect line
Eflect is dedolight® new line of multi-mirror reflectors with different
structures, surfaces and colors.  The flexible panels can be bent
and shaped to achieve a multitude of lighting effects for projection,
backgrounds, as well as for talent & subject lighting. 
With the neutral effects it becomes easy to simulate the sunlight
or moonlight shining through trees or bushes.
Of course Eflect flexible panels can be used with or without
parallel beam light.  However, if the dedolight® fixture is used in
combination with its parallel beam attachment, the output power
is doubled. 
In addition the parallel beam light can be controlled and directed very precisely with the specialized reflectors.
To further enhance the creative possibilities of the Eflect line, a selection of color filters is also available. 
These are inserted directly in the light fixture.
The Eflect kit includes the light stand, the gooseneck bracket, 3 different color filters in a small lightweight pouch.
Extremely portable, fast to set-up, easy to use and inexpensive, Eflect should be in your arsenal on every job.
Eflect's bright future:
Upon requests from Directors of Photography, we will expand the filter choices to create very gentle and subtle moonlight and sunlight effects. dedolight® is also developing a mini version for tabletop work and
small models works.