Born in 1938 in Breslau. Son of Hans Weigert, university professor of Art History,
and Cornelie Weigert, painter.
Traditional‚ humanistic’ school. Latin and Ancient Greek. 
Munich University: drama, psychology, German literature. 
Dedo financed his studies by nightshift work in a factory and as a truck driver.
Worked in theaters as assistant director and actor. 
Puppet player in a travelling puppet show for classical plays like Faust,
Androcles and the Lion, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc.
Early Productions:
Production Manager in a Film production company. 
Camera assistant for special projects, American Television (NBC specials).
Since 1963 – Director of Photography, mainly for NBC specials
(1-hour films like the "History of St. Petersburg", "A Day in Irkutsk, Siberia").
Dedo shot the first western-made production on Russian Cosmonauts.
1963 – First own production: a documentary about the history and the
development of the Communist Party in Europe.
1965 – First work as DoP on feature film with Robert Taylor in Argentina.
150  5-minute commercials/infomercials for Shell Oil filmed in the USA & Canada.
Documentaries as DoP, Director and Producer in over 40 countries,
mainly for US Television.
Produced art films like "Fra Angelico", "Goya", "Raffael".
Throughout the years Dedo has trained many interns and assistants in the
Art and Practice of Cinematography. 
Many of them have become successful Operators, DoPs, and film Producers.
Still, at heart and soul, a man with a camera.

Dedo Weigert, The Man Behind The Lights: