Dedo Weigert Film: The company

Founded in 1965 as a film production company, Dedo Weigert Film (DWF) quickly
grew into a film camera rental house.   DWF supplied cameras and teams for local
productions as well as for US Broadcasters.  Dedo Weigert Film provided up to 22 crews for ABC sports events and up to 12 crews for Formula One Racing events.  During the 1972 Olympics in Munich, all cameras used by ABC Sports for their exclusive broadcast came from Dedo Weigert Film.  DWF established a technical service center in the Olympic Village to provide the highest level of support. 
Eventually Dedo Weigert Film started to import and supply film technical accessories and cameras
For many years, DWF regarded itself as the main house of high-speed film on the European continent with 16mm, 35mm and 70mm high-speed film cameras. Cameras and technicians went throughout Europe, in particular for the shooting of commercials and special effects.  DWF represented Teledyne Milliken as well as Photosonics high-speed cameras. In 1981 DWF introduced the first high-speed video systems for industrial and scientific work, including multispectral cameras. 
Dedo Weigert Film sold and serviced Bolex and Aaton cameras at the peak of
their success.
Throughout the years, DWF represented Tiffen and Rosco filters, Lowel Light,
Richter Cine, Rycote, Miller, O’Connor fluid heads.
Today DWF is representing many leading brands of camera accessories including
Tiffen, Schneider and NiSi filters. Cooke and Schneider lenses, Tilta, Vocas. 
Dedo Weigert Film proudly represents and rents the most powerful lighting
fixtures (up to 100kW) from LUMINYS Systems. 
In addition DWF resells Litestar and Lumos lights, alongside its own brand
dedolight® and, under the name TECPRO, a wide range of ligthting equipment
designed and built exclusively for Dedo Weigert Film such as FELLONIS,
LITE FLEX and many others.