Parallel Beam Light
Specialized Reflectors
The vertical beam light (red path) hits reflector #1,
from there to reflector # 2 (orange path),
and on to reflector #3 (wider yellow path),
out of reflector #3  to the object (widest path not drawn)
dedolight® proposes a series of 4 Reflectors and the Eflect line
to work with parallel beam lights.
Reflecting the light several times allows to reach many
different areas of the set.  It is thus possible from a single
light source to have the effect of lighting from many
different fixtures and directions.
Dimming control:  Dimming is very easily achieved by
positioning the reflector more or less deep into the reflected light.
dedolight® reflectors are classified by reflective index from 1 to 4. 
Reflector # 1 (the re-director): is the closest to a very hard
reflector, but it is not a mirror (a mirror would redirect the
light without sufficient homogeneity).  Its purpose is to redirect
the light without changing the beam size and character: 
minimum stray light and minimum diffusion. 
Its surface structure provides reflection with an exit angle of
approx. 4º.
Reflector # 2: shows less light intensity at the object,
even though the total amount of reflected lights remains
almost identical (95-98%), but due to the wider exit angle of 12º
it is more suitable when going from reflector # 2 to the next
reflector (#3) with a larger surface.
Reflector #3: appears much gentler even though the same amount of light is reflected, but spread over an
angle of 50º.
Reflector #4: produces the most gentle reflection with an exit angle of 95º and lower light level reach the object. 
It is ideal to produce a base light or ambient light.
Just like the parallel light source of origin (the fixture itself) creates a virtual light behind the fixture at the convergence of its light rays extended trajectories, the same applies to the reflectors.  The narrower the exit angle of the reflector, the further away the virtual source is located.  i.e.: the virtual light source from reflector # 1 is much further away from the subject than the virtual light source from reflector # 3.
Reflectors are stocked in 3 standard sizes 15cm x 15cm (6"x6"), 25cm x 25cm (10"x10") and 50cm x 50cm (20"x20").
Email us for other sizes and shapes.
dedolight® Reflectors can be ordered in a motorized version, controlled by cable and DMX.  Wireless controls will be available in the future.
DLH400D with its parallel beam adapter.
Reflectors size: 15cm x 15cm (6"x6").