You know them. You love them: The Classic 150s.


It's been a tradition for 30 years, the light that most of you call the "dedolight" or your "dedos" is a Classic 150 tungsten focusing light: DLH4 (external ballast) or DLHM4-300 (built-in ballast). 

Winner of a Technical Achievment Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and many other awards, dedolight revolutionary dual aspheric lens design delivers an awesome output (6 times that of a comparable Fresnel) and beam quality, still un-matched today. This design remains the optical foundation of the new Dedo DLED lights excellence.

The Classics accept tungsten lamps from 20W to 150W.  They operate at 12v, 24v, directly plugged into AC, or with an AC to DC Adapter or battery. Today’s generation of Classic features a patented triple zoom focus and Double Aspherics²: they are truly mechanical & optical marvels.

Equipped with a 150W bulb, you will never run out of punch with your Classic: In super-spot it throws 7600 fc at 3ft, and over 300 fc at 15 ft.  The dimming is completely smooth from 1% to 100%.  With an astonishing 25:1** output range, it focuses from a native 4.5º super-spot to 48º flood.

The Classics go Modern

Dedolight California stocks an arsenal of accessories to expand the use of your Classic Dedo:

  • Tungsten to Daylight Dichroic drop-in filter: changes the color temperature to daylight.
  • External DMX/manual ballast or building-in DMX/manual  ballast
  • Wide-angle attachment to shift the range from 4.5º-48º to 50º-90º.
  • Specific Parallel Beam Intensifier to triple the light output.

Dedolight California proposes a la carte kits, and custom configurations in addition to factory kits to fit your specific shooting requirements.


To build on your Classics search for M-SIZE accessories.