A Fistful of Options. 

You won't believe the mass of light and vast options of light-shaping tools to control the light achievable from a source which fits in the palm of your hand. The DLED3 series packs a serious direct punch, can go soft, or even light a subject no larger than the head of a match with its dedicated shutter projector (the DP2S).

This is smallest of the "Turbo" light head models powered at a highly effective 40W (DLED3-D, mono-color model), or double 40W system for bicolor (DLED3-BI). A silent active cooling fan enables drastically enhanced output without making a peep. A kit of three, with the full range of light-shaping and imaging accessories, can fit in a carry-on bag or backpack.

Download the Manufacturers "Turbo" series brochure here:

dedolight DLED Turbo brochure link

Download a complete list of DLED3 accessories here:


28 products found in DLED3 Turbo Collection

40w Bi-Color Single Light Set - DLED3-BI Turbo Focusing LED Light with DC Ballast - (0CADLED3-BI-SOLO-W)
  • $1,430.00
3-Light Kit - 40w Bi-Color DLED3-BI Turbo Focusing LED Lights with AC/DC Ballasts - (0CADLED3-BI-TRIO-DC)
  • From $4,195.00
3-Light Kit - 40w Bi-Color DLED3-BI Turbo Focusing LED Lights with DMX Ballasts - (0CADLED3-BI-TRIO-DMX)
  • $5,485.00
"Micro" Master Kit, 3x 40w Bi-Color DLED3-BI Turbo LED Focusing Lights, with DP1S Projector - (SLT3-3-BI-S)
  • $6,250.00
DLED3-BI Turbo - 40w, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light (Head Only)
  • $860.00
DT3-BI-BAT - Dimmable DC Ballast DLED3-BI Turbo Lights
  • $460.00
DT3-BI-DMX - DMX Ballast for DLED3-BI Turbo Lights
  • $889.00
DLED3-D Turbo - 40w, Daylight LED Focusing Light (Head Only)
  • $800.00
DT3-BAT - Dimmable DC Ballast for DLED3-D - DLED3-T Turbo Lights
  • $295.00
DTHC - Ballast Holder with C-Clamp DT3, 4, 7, 9 Ballasts
  • $125.00
  • $102.00
DDCC-DTAPS - DC Cable with 0.55mm Jack to A/B (1')
  • $44.20
DPOW6LEM-10 - 33ft Head Extension Cable for DLED3 to DT3 Ballasts
  • $250.00
DLBCA2-V - Ballast Belt Adapter with V-Mount and D-Tap Connect
  • $151.00
DBDS8 - Barn Door with 8 Leaves for "S" Size Lights
  • $61.20
DPLSS - Light Shield Ring for "S" Size Lights
  • $10.00
DP1S - Imaging Projector for "S" Size Lights (with 60mm lens)
  • $365.50
DPGHS - Steel Gobo Holder for "S" Size, DP1S & DP1S-A Imaging Projectors
  • $64.60
DP2S - Shutter Projector for "S" Size Lights (with 60mm lens)
  • $382.50
DLSR67 - Speed Ring for Mini Soft Box ("S" Size Lights)
  • $54.50
DSBSXS - Mini Soft Box with Baffle and Front Diffuser
  • $147.00
  • $141.00
DWAFXS - Directional Beam Spreader Filter for "S" Size Lights
  • $54.00
DPBA-BI6 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLED2-BI / DLED3 ("S" Size)
  • $377.00
  • From $335.00
DPBA-610 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLED2 / DLED3 ("S" Size Lights)
  • $527.00
  • From $465.00
DLWASR - Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors ("S" Size)
  • $330.00
DP1S-0 - Imaging Projector for "S" Size Lights (without lens)
  • $219.30
DP2S-0 - Shutter Projector for "S" Size Lights (without lens)
  • $236.30
ProCali AC Power Supply UL- 12v, 60w (5Amp) DC out with Ø5.5mm x 2.5mm Jack and US Cord - (0CAPS12-60)
  • $50.00
DDCC-EXT5 - 16ft Extension Cable with Male/Female Ø5.5mm Jack
  • $33.15