Seek the Invisible.

Scientists, investigators and defense forces have used modified dedolight systems for over twenty years. Recognizing the unique needs and demands of forensic lighting, the dedolight research and development team has designed a series of dedolight precision lighting systems specifically for these applications. The complete scientific series of dedolights is a diverse portfolio of models ranging in spectral wavelengths and power outputs. While you can build your own system, dedolight, with help from Dr. Martin Schulz of the Forensic department of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, has built a professional series kit which immediately integrates as powerful investigative tool for any team.

Specialty dedolight LED models can consist of:

  • 365nm UV
  • 400nm UV
  • 365-400nm UV - tunable, bi-ultraviolet, UV
  • 860nm IR
  • 960nm IR
  • 860-960nm IR - tunable, bi-infrared
  • 450nm,  Royal Blue
  • 450nm/520nm - tunable bi-color, royal blue - green
  • 450nm/470nm - tunable bi-color, royal blue - deep blue
  • 520nm,  Green
  • 625nm, Red

The forensic and specialty series of lights contain all the powerful characteristics which make dedolight one of the most diverse focusing lights in the world:

  • Extreme focusing ranges from 60° flood, to 5° super-spot
  • Double-aspheric glass lenses create a completely even light beam with a distinct hard single-shadow and amazingly optimize light efficiency
  • All specialty LED systems are dimmable down to 5%
  • Simple and abundant battery operations

All of the dedolight LED Systems are offered in 3 variants of the visible spectrum:

  • Film/Broadcast daylight 5600° CRI Ra 96 TLCI 96
  • Film/Broadcast tungsten 3200K CRI Ra 98 TLCI 97
  • Colortunable extended Bi-Color 2700-6500K, CRI Ra 96/98, TLCI 96/97

Contact Dedolight California for available DLED4 (40w), DLED7 (90w) and DLED9 (90w) forensic and specialty LED models

15 products found in Scientific LED Systems

KMULTI4 - Complete Forensic Kit of 4 Multi-Spectrum "Ledzilla" Focusing Lights
  • $5,837.60
DLOBML-BI-POL - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light with Drop-Down Polarizer (2700K-6500K)
  • $695.00
DLOBML-BI-UV - 8w, "Fluorezilla" Bi-Ultraviolet LED Focusing Light (365-400nm)
  • $1,275.00
DLOBML-BI-IR - The "IRedzilla", 6w Bi-Infrared LED Focusing Light (860-960nm)
  • $1,054.00
DLOBML-BI-BB - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color Blue/Green LED Focusing Light (450-520nm)
  • $1,054.00
DLBSA-JSF - 5/8" Receiver to Hot-Shoe Mount Adapter
  • $29.75
DCHDMU4 - Molded Ledzilla Kit Transport Case
  • $499.00
DLOBML-BSV - 7.2v, NP-FV Battery Holder Plate for Ledzilla
  • $120.00
20w, 860nm Infrared Single Light Set - DLED2Y-IR860 Focusing LED Light - (0CADLED2Y-IR860-SOLO-W)
  • $1,225.00
20w, 960nm Infrared Single Light Set - DLED2Y-IR960 Focusing LED Light - (0CADLED2Y-IR960-SOLO-W)
  • $1,225.00
DLED2Y-IR860 - 20w, Infrared (860nm) LED Focusing Light (Head Only)
  • $780.00
DLED2Y-IR960 - 20w, Infrared (960nm) LED Focusing Light (Head Only)
  • $780.00
DLOBML-BSU - 12v, BP-U Battery Holder Plate for Ledzilla
  • $99.00
DLPS12-30 - AC Power Supply for DLED2, DT2 and DLRPKT-BI
  • $90.00
DDCC-EXT5 - 16ft Extension Cable with Male/Female Ø5.5mm Jack
  • $33.15