Case or Crate

Case or Crate.

At Dedolight California we strive to provide you with the best packaging solution possible for your specific equipment list.

Our Criteria

  • Adequate protection of your gear
  • Compactness and light weight to minimize shipping cost
  • Professional presentation
  • Easy access to equipment to boost your productivity on set

We offer 3 solutions:


DEDOLIGHT CASESThe vintage Dedolight cases that we all know from the Classic Master kit are built like tanks and are the lightest possible solution.


The Pelican with Trekpak offers great flexibility to customize the inside.  When possible we use the Air models to keep your total shipping weight to a minimum.


Milk crates are obviously the industry standard for your lighting truck.  Our crates are available in 2 versions:
  • with a coroplast liner to prevent handles, cables and small items from getting stuck into the grid openings.
  • with a drop-in metal insert lined with a fiberglass heat-deflecting fabric backed with aluminum foil rated to 1000º F, ideal for hot packing.

    If you have your own solution in mind, of course we will ship your new gear with great care in expandable cardboard boxes.