Dedicated to Soft.

If you strive for performance, the idea of using a spotty fixture to achieve soft lighting is an impossible equation. Either the "spot light" is not very spotty to begin with, or the soft light quality is not what it should be.  Throughout the years, Dedolight received many requests to build a true Soft Light, from Gaffers enjoying its hallmark focusing lights. A soft light should embrace its subject, not punch it through the center. From this, Dedolight designed bi-color soft lights without compromise, engineered to push light to the outer edges of the dome. The octodome textile reflectors have two removable diffusion layers (inner baffle and front diffuser) to polish their output. The resulting Ledraptors emit 225% more light on the periphery of their domes than any other comparable fixture. Even dimmed down to a glow, the beam still fills the entire surface of its dome. Gentle, subtle light to shadow transitions, no hotspot. The Ledraptors come in 3 sizes and outputs: 3ft 220W, 5ft 500w and 7ft 1000W. Once assembled, the Ledraptors are amazingly shallow for their width (from 24" to 64" deep fully deployed based on Octodome size). They can squeeze in very tight spaces, where other soft lights do not fit, such as in a low-ceiling location or small studio. They are built to travel (we recommend getting the optional cases) and take under 5 minutes to fully assemble with very little practice. Our record for the 7' model is under 80 seconds. Wether you look for a glamorous look or gentle overall lighting, try these lights out and you'll see why we call them "portable windows".

Based on the electronic framework of the DLED "Turbo" lights, these bi-color lights are designed to alternate power equally to separate sets of diodes mixed together on the array. This is best described with the single array, 220w Ledraptor3. 

LEDRAPTOR3 - 220w Bi-Color

The DT10 ballast is alternating a constant 220w of power between two separate diode sets in one array, and both of those sets can be powered at 220w. So we call this a "2x 220w" light. This means the ballast is doing the work to make sure that no matter what color you have dialed in, you are getting the 220w you paid for. The intensity in tungsten remains strong!

Now scale that concept up for the 500w and 1000w models...

LEDRAPTOR5 - 500w Bi-Color

The DT20 ballast is alternating a constant 500w of power between four separate diode sets in now two arrays, now all of these sets can be powered with 500w (2x - 2x 220w).

LEDRAPTOR7 - 1000w Bi-Color

The DT40 ballast is alternating a constant 1000w of power between eight separate diode sets in now four arrays, now all of these sets can be powered with 1000w (4x - 2x 220w).

12 products found in The Ledraptor Series

Ledraptor3 Soft Light Set, 3ft, 220w Bi-Color LED Soft Light with DT10-BI Ballast & DMX - (SETDLRAP3-BI)
  • $3,856.00
  • From $3,122.00
Ledraptor5 Soft Light Set, 5ft, 500w Bi-Color LED Soft Light with DT20-BI Ballast & DMX - (SETDLRAP5-BI)
  • $5,835.00
  • From $4,740.00
Ledraptor7 Soft Light Set, 7ft, 1000w Bi-Color LED Soft Light with DT40-BI Ballast & DMX - (SETDLRAP7-BI)
  • From $8,900.00
DLPA3G - Front Grid / Egg Crate (40°) for Panaura 3 and Ledraptor3 Soft Lights
  • $340.00
  • $276.00
DLPA5G - Front Grid / Egg Crate (40°) for Panaura5 and Ledraptor5 Soft Lights
  • $478.00
  • $389.00
DLPA7G - Front Grid / Egg Crate (40°) for Panaura7 and Ledraptor7 Soft Lights
  • $559.00
  • $455.00
DPOW10 - 23ft Head Cable for the DLED10 Light Heads and DT10 Ballasts
  • $155.00
DPOW20 - 23ft Head Cable for Ledraptor5 & 7 with DT20 or DT40 Ballasts
  • $425.00
  • $345.60
DEB400H - Ballast Holder with CLAMP-D Clamp
  • $138.00
  • $113.00
DEB1200H - Heavy Duty Ballast Holder with 5/8" Stud and Two Clamp-D Clamps
  • $234.00
DSC3 - Soft Case for Ledraptor3 or DLED10 Light Sets
  • $325.00
ProCali Carbon Fiber Handle for DT30 & DT40 Ballasts - (0DT10/40HNDL)
  • $185.00