An Impossible Light.

We're proud to introduce you to the DPB70, currently our most powerful single-purpose, hot re-strike, HMI light. This magical light produces a parallel, 2° beam with a 70cm (2.3') diameter. Other parabolic beam lights are known throughout our professional industry, but the DPB70 excels in absolute efficiency and unprecedented homogeneity within the beam. Those qualities are basic prerequisites for all dedolights, and is especially mandatory for success when using the Lightstream reflection system. This light redefines what you are used to seeing when you turn on a 1200w HMI. At 15' this light meters a brain-tingling 115,000lux, and unlike a Xenon can be operated in any position without heating issues. It's IP63 rated so it can be operated indoor/outdoor in light rain conditions. But the magic is delivered in the straitness of its beam. With this light, you're creating a "virtual" light source which exists well BEHIND the actual light. In that, the effect of the light on its subject appears as if it's coming from much further away due to the seemingly magical warping of the square law. For example, using a large Lightstream #1 reflector, users can shorten the distance it would take to get a beam of sunlight though a window, something which traditionally takes a condor and a massive light source from a substantial distance to accomplish. And while the light looks big and impressive, it's uncanny bi-product is SAVINGS; save time, money, energy, permits, all while delivering one of the cleanest beams in the market. While it looks big, it's built for all ranges of budget and productions to make your life undeniably easier.


8 products found in The DPB70 Parallel Beam System

DPB70 Parallel Beam Light System - (SETDPB70)
  • $22,000.00
  • From $19,930.00
DCHD70 - Heavy-Duty "Roadie"Case for the DPB70 Light System
  • $1,495.00
  • $1,162.50
DPOW1200D - 23ft Head Cable for DLH1200, DPB70 and DEB1200D
  • $410.00
  • $359.00
DEB1200D - 1200w, Flicker-free, DMX Electronic Ballast for DPB70 and DLH1200 Lights (90-260V AC)
  • $4,770.00
  • From $3,794.00
DLR1-100x100 - 1x1 Meter Lightstream #1 and Grey Bounce Reflector
  • $2,680.00
Lightstream 50cm Reflector Starter Kit - #1-4 Reflectors with Protective Pouch - (0CA502-W)
  • $1,158.00
  • From $1,135.00
ProCali 4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm & 50cm Lightstream & Eflect Reflectors - (GF-LS-50)
  • From $635.00
ProCali 4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm Lightstream Reflectors & small Eflects - (GF-LS-25)
  • $625.00