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Parallel Beam Intensifier for Lightstream DPBA1419


"Lightstreaming" begins with a powerful, parallel beam of light.  The unique patented design of dedolight focusing lights allows each head to be paired with a Parallel Beam Intensifier Attachment lens (DPBA) of great optical precision. The DPBAs accomplish the double task of magnifying the output and concentrating the rays into a straight beam. Simply put, using dedolights with Parallel Beam Intensifiers gives Lightstream a structure that no other reflective system can achieve. Unlike other systems with "beamer" attachments, our focusing lights with Parallel Beam Intensifiers (DPBA) produce up to 533% MORE light output in a new super-spot position (DLED3-D with DBPA-610). Like all dedolight accessories, it only takes seconds to slide a DPBA in the front of the head. The new super-spot (4º to 6º) is tight and controlled.  Narrow parallel light rays create sun-like shadows. The DPBAs combined with Lightstream reflectors mitigate the inverse of the square law and even-out the exposure. Fundamentally speaking we are greatly minimizing the distance required between light source and subject. Lightstreaming achieves this while scaling down the equipment, reducing power requirements and cutting-down the budget traditionally required to create a similarly realistic sunlight. We've moved the sun closer to us while making light appear to still come from the center of the solar system. With multiple reflectors the sky is the limit to what your creative mind can achieve...


You can split the host beam, sending it to multiple reflectors. Yes! One light becomes multiple light sources thus reducing your equipment package and associated costs. Beyond these financial incentives, Lightstream reflectors give new qualities to the reflected light. Among other characteristics, the reflected light is polarized thereby creating more realistic daylight textures and tactile depth. The cherry on the cake: color adjustments are fast and accurate: adjust the color of the origin-light to simultaneously adjust the color temperature of all subsequent reflected lights.  

New Light reflected


We currently use five different reflector types, each featuring a unique surface and reflective result. All reflectors transfer more than 95% of the light they receive. The unique qualities of each surface give the reflected light different spreads. These results are controllable and predictable only when using a beam of parallel light. Of course, reflectors on their own reflect light from any source, just like any glossy surface. However to produce a predictable, controllable and clean result, the reflectors must be used with intense parallel beams.  Lightstreaming takes reflected light to a systematic level with magical results.

Our results herein describe Lightstream reflectors with dedolight focusing lights and Parallel Beam Intensifier attachments...


The #1 Lightstream reflector acts as you would hope a front-facing mirror would but with a more homogenous result. You can redirect a beam, or even miraculously split a beam into "secondary beams" to reach other Lightstream reflectors without losing beam integrity; this is the main reason why using an intense parallel parent beam is mandatory for success.



Lightstream #2 reflectors spread the the incoming spot by 12° while preserving the lumens. The total transferal of light remains above 95%. This board can still be used to transfer a beam to another, larger board, but most commonly as a direct source with greater intensity and a narrower spot fresnel focusing lights can even achieve.



Lightstream #3 reflectors spread the incoming beam by 50° while still transferring above 95% of the total light. Board #3 reflects a gentler light quality with its wider coverage. The outgoing light behaves more in accordance with the Inverse-square law in exposure and intensity. The beam can have hard or soft qualities depending on intensity of incoming beam and its distance to the subject.



Producing seemingly the most gentle results, the #4 reflector spreads the parent source at an angle of 95°. The light level reaching the subject is lower, about 5% less than light bouncing from a bead board. Like the #3 Lightstream reflector, the #4 reflected light can have hard or soft qualities depending on intensity of incoming beam and its distance to the subject.



The newest addition to the Lightstream reflector family, and quite possibly the most fun to work with, is the #5. It stretches the beam into a strip of light. Qualities of the beam edge can change depending on how you angle the reflected light, whether or not light is passing an edge of the reflector, or contained within the edges of the reflector. Keep in mind that this new reflector is not a part of the original kits and must be added on.

For detailed manufacturer analysis, download the dedolight Lightstream booklet:


Lightstream Brochure 

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Lightstream LITE Pro 3 Kit - 20cm #1-3 Reflectors with Case and Grip Gear (SLL3-20)
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Lightstream LITE Pro 5 Kit - 5x 20cm Reflectors with Case and Grip Gear (SLL5-20)
  • $907.95
  • $802.00
DLR-LOCK - Sliding Lock Mount for Reflectors with dual 5/8 receptacle
  • $89.00
DLR-LOCK-M - Sliding Lock Mount for Reflectors with 5/8 pin
  • $89.00
Certified Safety Cable Sling - anti-glare, black finish, with 1/4" quick link - (0CASAFETY)
  • $15.00
ProCali designed Arm with Double Ball-Joint and Kipp Handle for Lightstreaming - (GFCA58DBLJNT)
  • $89.00
SCLEAN - Lightstream Reflector Cleaning Kit
  • $98.00
DLR1-7x10 - 7x10cm (2.75"x4") Lightstream Reflector #1
  • $40.00
DLR2-7x10cm - 7x10cm (2.75"x4") Lightstream Reflector #2
  • $40.00
DLR3-7x10 - 7x10cm (2.75"x4") Lightstream Reflector #3
  • $40.00
DLR4-7x10cm - 7x10cm (2.75"x4") Lightstream Reflector #4
  • $40.00
DLR5-7x10 - #5 Lightstream Reflector - 7x10cm (2.75"x4")
  • $40.00
DLRP10 - Protective Pouch for five 7x10cm (2.75"x4") Lightstream Reflectors
  • $32.00
DLR1-12x15 - #1 Lightstream Reflector - 12x15cm (4.7"x5.9")
  • From $109.00
DLR2-12x15 - #2 Lightstream Reflector - 12x15cm (4.7"x5.9")
  • From $109.00
DLR3-12x15 - #3 Lightstream Reflector - 12x15cm (4.7"x5.9")
  • From $109.00
DLR4-12x15 - #4 Lightstream Reflector - 12x15cm (4.7"x5.9")
  • From $109.00
DLR5-12x15 - #5 Lightstream Reflector - 12x15cm (4.7"x5.9")
  • From $109.00
DLRP15 - Protective Pouch for five 12x15cm Lightstream Reflectors
  • $65.00
DLR1-25x25 - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #1
  • From $135.00
DLR2-25x25 - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #2
  • From $135.00
DLR3-25x25 - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #3
  • From $135.00
DLR4-25x25 - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #4
  • From $135.00
DLR5-25x25 - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #5
  • From $135.00
DLRP25 - Protective Pouch for seven 25x25cm (10") Lightstream Reflectors
  • $74.00
Lightstream Carry 25 soft bag for medium and small reflectors with grip gear - (DSCLSCB)
  • $423.00
Lightstream Cube soft case vinyl or canvas for 25cm & 7x10 cm reflectors with grip gear - (DSCLS25)
  • $290.00
ProCali hard cases for 25cm Lightstream reflectors and mounts (0CA252CASE)
  • From $95.00
DLR1-50x50 - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #1
  • From $265.00
DLR2-50x50 - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #2
  • From $265.00
DLR3-50x50cm - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #3
  • From $265.00
DLR4-50x50cm - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #4
  • From $265.00
DLR5-50x50 - #5 Lightstream Reflector - 50cm (20")
  • From $265.00
DLRP50 - Protective Pouch for Six 50x50 (19"x19") Lightstream
  • $98.00
Lightstream "Maxi" Soft Case for up to seven 50x50cm Lightstream reflectors with grip gear - (DSCLSCBM)
  • $514.00
Lightstream Cube 50 Soft Case with wheels for groups of 50cm, 25cm and 7x10cm reflectors with grip gear - (DSCLS50W)
  • $580.00
0CA502CASE - ProCali hard case for up to eight 50cm Lightstream reflectors and mounts
  • From $495.00
DLR1-100x100 - 1x1 Meter Lightstream #1 and Grey Bounce Reflector
  • $2,680.00
DLRP100 - Protective Pouch for single 100cm (40") Lightstream Reflector
  • $180.00