The "Wizard" Cart

For Rental or Purchase.

Dedolight California is proud to present the Wizard cart. The Wizard cart offers the latest LED bi-color technology, and the Lightstream reflecting system, combined with the unmatched performance of the Oscar winning Dedolight Classic tungstens & HMIs. You don't need to be familiar with dedolight capabilities to take full advantage of the arsenal of precision lighting instruments within this powerful cart.

The Wizard Cart is very carefully organized, protected and hauled in a customized 7-crate steel cart built by our friends from StudioCarts.

If you want to rise to any lighting challenge thrown at you on any style of production or location, the Wizard cart can make magic happen.


The Wizard cart is all about solving lighting riddles on set in one fell swoop. Fidgeting is out, and efficiency is in to give you more time to create and shape truly beautiful light (or sip a cup-of-joe...drink holder included).

Comprised of 10 state-of-the-art "DLED" focusing light heads, and a combination of 3 classic dedolights, it is the most diverse single lighting cart available on the market. There are very little limits to what you can achieve creatively with the DedoCali Wizard cart.


Each light has its own Imaging or Shutter projector. In turn, each projector has all the accessories and lens options readily available. The Wizard cart is also equipped with gobos, filters, shutters, irises, DPEYESET kits, wide-angle lenses, Parallel Beam Intensifiers and more... all clearly organized by label, color and letter coding to clearly define each tool's function. 


Of course, the Wizard cart would not be complete without an abundance of Lightstream reflectors and Parallel Beam Intensifiers for each light head size. Doors on the side of the cart have access to a kit of large, medium and small size Lightstream reflectors, as well as a large "Eflect" kit; if you are tired of breaking mirrors to get dappled lighting effects then Eflect reflectors will save your supply of bandaids. The back panel doubles as a work bench and reveals a perfect blend or grip gear needed to optimize your Lightstreaming, including two motorized heads for control over hard-to-reach reflectors.


If you are familiar with Dedolight capabilities but frustrated with what fits what, the Wizard cart is the solution you have been hoping for. It is indeed possible to organize a dedolight cart of varying light heads, each with a small arsenal of accessories which change their functions like a chameleon. Six DLED3, 40w bi-color lights heads use blue "S" Size coded gear. Three DLED7, 90w bi-color heads (DMX), and two classic DLHM4-300 150w use green "M" size coded accessories. The Wizard cart's suns: a 400/575w HMI (DLH400) and the DLED10-BI, 220w bi-color light use orange "A" Size accessories. Light accessories, and their drawers, are clearly labeled to correspond with their compatible light heads. Finally, each accessory label is a quick reference explaining how to fundamentally use the tool.


There are 4 soft box attachments for the medium and small lights, but the Wizard cart also comes equipped with a Ledraptor5, 500w, bi-color LED, 5' octo-dome dedicated soft light (DMX). This light can be double diffused and comes with a 40-degree egg crate for directional control. Its nickname, "The Portable Window", speaks for itself.


Of course, we're here to provide complete training on the equipment and answer all your calls as necessary, at your convenience. In the meantime, you'll find the Wizard cart is so well organized that any professional will be comfortable utilizing it in real-time. 


$950/day (3-day week)


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