DLHM4-300DMX - Classic dedolight with integrated DMX ballast - 24v, 150w max, Tungsten/Daylight Halogen Focusing Light Head

  • $915.00


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  • Good afternoon, I am looking for a light system for shadow theater and I wonder if this model would be a good choice? I need a crisp shadow with at least 6000 Lumens. The dimensions of the screen are 3m x 3m and the light source should be at a distance of 4m behind it. Would it cover the whole area and if so, would it have enough power? I don't absolutely need DMX control. Which ones of your products would work best? Thank you for your attention.

    Hello!  It sounds like you are looking for more light than a DLHM4-300 unit would offer at that distance and spread that wide. I underrstand you need a single source to to shadow theater with finer shadow qualities. I would look into the DLH652T (659w unit which we have in the webstore - https://dedolightcalifornia.com/collections/the-dlh652t), or even the DLH1000T (1000w unit, not in the webstore but we can get for you - contact info(at)dedolightcalifornia.com). Both of those systems are mains opertated light heads which can be simply dimmed by a third party AC dimmer.