40 Years of Precision.

Since its first use on a motion picture set in 1984 the Dedolight Classic has become the most widely used professional light worldwide. Its revolutionary patented dual lens design (Aspheric²) delivers an awesome output (6 times that of a comparable Fresnel) and beam quality, still un-matched today.  Winner of a Technical Achievement Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it remains a staple on most lighting trucks.  As many ASC members say, “I always bring my Dedos”, or “Saved again by the Dedos”.  If you want a light that has your back, get a Classic dedolight.
The Classic light heads accept tungsten lamps from 20W to 150W.  They operate at 12v, 24v, directly plugged into AC, via an AC to DC Adapter and battery.  Drop-in the dichroic conversion filter and they output a clean and stable daylight. The dimming is completely smooth from 1% to 100%, achieved via a manual, built-in DMX or external DMX power supply.  Thanks to all the accessories developed throughout the years, the Classics remain relevant and come in all flavors.

So what makes a Classic dedolight so unique? Why do you see one on nearly every lighting truck, on every film set? 

  • They are the first and still only low-voltage, non-fresnel lens system that delivers un-comparable optical performance.

  • First patented application of Aspheric², dual non-spherical lenses.

  • With a 150W lamp, the output intensity roughly matches that of a traditional 500 Watt Fresnel.

  • Classic dedolights produce 40 lumen per watt while studio halogen lamps produce only 20 lumen per watt. A traditional halogen Fresnel provides only 6% efficiency in its spot position. Dedolights have 3 times as much efficiency courtesy of their revolutionary optics.

  • Unequalled focusability 1:25 (small Fresnels focus 1:3, huge Fresnels like a 6K focus 1:6).
  • Super-Spot (4.5º) - Added extra focus movement for even better spot performance.

  • The light distribution and light character are unlike any traditional fixtures. The beam is completely clean ("clean-beam" concept).  Light in the beam, shadow outside with no fall-out.

  • Lighting is immensely precise, saving time for the grip crew.
  • Suitable for most demanding work in special effects (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, American Beauty, and many more).
  • The most economical solution and, since their very beginning, ecologically friendly lights.

  • Extended lifetime of lamps at a fraction of the cost, amortizing the fixture after approximately one year of use. Low voltage light sources cost only 25% in comparison to high voltage halogen lamps with the same output.

  • Low voltage lamps are not easily destroyed by shocks or vibrations making them “travel & location friendly”, providing an extended lifetime and budget savings.

27 products found in The Classic 150w

DLHM4-300 - Classic dedolight with integrated ballast - 24v, 150/100w, Tungsten/Daylight Halogen Focusing Light Head
  • $1,043.00
  • $750.00
KAC24B - Classic DLHM4-300 "Basic" dedolight kit - 4x 12v/24v, 150w max, Tungsten Focusing Light Heads
  • $6,787.00
  • $4,500.00
KAC24M - Classic DLHM4-300 "Master" dedolight kit - 4x 150w max Tungsten/Daylight focusing heads & DP1.2 projection system
  • $9,490.00
  • From $6,200.00
DLHM4-300DMX - Classic dedolight with integrated DMX ballast - 24v, 150w max, Tungsten/Daylight Halogen Focusing Light Head
  • $915.00
DT24-1U - 24v/150w, 120V AC Power Supply and In-line Dimmer for Classic dedolights (DLH4, etc.)
  • $444.00
  • $290.00
DT24-1U-DMX - 24v/150w, 120V AC, DMX Power Supply and Dimmer for Classic dedolights (DLH4, etc.)
  • $490.00
DLDIM-BAT - 12v/24v switchable In-line DC Dimmer for Classic dedolights (DLH4, etc.)
  • $255.00
  • $195.00
XLR3 Head High-end Extension Cable for Classic dedolights (0CA-XLR3M/F)
  • From $75.00
150w, 24v, Clear-Tip Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Classic Series dedolight Heads (DL150-NB)
  • $16.50
  • From $14.00
150w, 24v, Black-Tip Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Classic Series dedolight Heads (DL150)
  • $18.50
  • $15.40
DPLS - Light Shield Ring for "M" Size Lights
  • $13.60
  • $8.50
DBD8 - Barn Door with 8 Leaves for "M" Size Lights
  • $85.00
  • $53.00
DBD3 - Ribbed Barn Door with 8 Leaves for "M" Size Lights
  • $105.00
  • $88.00
DDCF - Dichroic Daylight Conversion Filter, "M" Size (for Classics 150)
  • $124.00
  • $80.00
DWAFX - Directional Beam Spreader Filter for "M" Size Lights
  • $65.00
  • $63.00
DLWAR - Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors ("M" Size)
  • $440.00
  • $295.00
DPBA-7 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH4 / DLHM4-300 / DLH200
  • $385.00
  • From $322.00
DPBA-710 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH4 / DLED7 ("M" Size)
  • $493.00
  • From $468.00
DPBA-714 - Parallel Beam Attachment for DLH4 / DLED7 ("M" Size)
  • $1,050.00
  • From $886.00
DLSR70 - Speed Ring for Mini Soft Box ("M" Size Lights)
  • $58.00
  • $42.00
DSBSXS - Mini Soft Box with Baffle and Front Diffuser
  • $219.00
  • From $141.00
DLGRIDXS - 40º Grid for Mini Soft Box (DSBSXS)
  • $143.00
  • $104.00
DSCK - 5 or 6 (DSCKHOLLY) Scrim Sets for "M" Size Lights
  • $89.00
  • From $82.00
DPBA-7HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-7 / DPBA-6 Intensifier Lenses
  • $195.00
  • $164.00
DPBA-10HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-610 & DPBA-710 Intensifier Lenses
  • $204.00
  • $193.00
DPBA-14HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-14/18 and 714 Intensifier Lenses
  • $280.00
  • $217.00
0CASDST3 - Dedo Cali Kit - 3x DST stands with Soft Bag
  • $660.00
  • $440.00