DT24-1U-DMX - 24v/150w, 120V AC, DMX Power Supply and Dimmer for Classic dedolights (DLH4, etc.)

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  • Hi, Curious if you can help me. I have a DEODOLIGHT DT24-1U-DMX and trying to hook it up to Dragonframe with a 512 DMX and not able to get control of the unit through DF. Wondering if there's is a setting in which I have to program on the unit. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Hello!  You should be able to assign the number on the ballast by pressing and holding both buttons at the same time unitl the display starts blinking - then, use the left or right button to move up or down to the desired DMX number. Its possible the ballast reads something like "d.FF". If you see a "d." and a number between 1-99 ("FF" is full output) - this is the manual dimming range. One click of the up/down button passed the "FF" readout and you get into the 512 DMX number selection. Once you get to the desired number, just stop and the ballast will take a few seconds to lock you out of selection mode. Hope this helps!