Flexibility and Quality.

In either daylight or bicolor model, the DLED10 spells versatility, quality and ease of use. Like all dedolight focusing lights, their patented dual-aspheric lensing creates a homogenous beam at any focus setting, still unmatched today. Smooth and even light where you want it, shadow elsewhere. The native focus range is 50º-4º and shifts to 75º-44º simply by sliding the Wide Angle Aspheric Lens attachment in front. With this single optical accessory, the DLED10 can be set at any angle from 4.5º to 75º while maintaining its beam quality throughout.  Gone are the multiple lenses: just turn the focus knob to any angle you choose.  If you want color temperature flexibility, ease of use and a beam of the highest quality, the DLED10-Bi is a great economical choice. 

The DLED10-Bi and Daylight aluminum and machined cast-iron housing is compact thanks to their double helical mechanical design. The front and back of the light collapse on each other minimizing the head total length at any focus setting. Of course you could compare the DLED10 to some 300W light made of thin metal sheet outputting a Saturn-looking beam, but that would not be fair! The DLED10 are cooled with an innovative system combining both silent fans and a liquid injection to keep the back of the precious LED array cool. Even in delicate audio setups this light runs QUIET and cool. This spells color stability and equipment durability. 

Both the DLED10-Bi 220w bicolor light, and the (twice) punchier DLED10-D 300w daylight balanced model, are compatible with the same add-ons. Search for A size accessories to build your DLED10. If you are used to a Leko Source Four projector, try a DLED10 light with a DP400 projector and you'll never look back.

29 products found in DLED10 Turbo Collection

DLED10-BI - 220w Bicolor Focusing LED Light (Head Only)
  • $2,130.00
  • $1,930.00
DT10-BI - AC Ballast with built in DMX for DLED10-BI & Ledraptor3
  • $1,175.00
  • $875.00
DLED10-D Turbo - 300W Focusing LED Light, Daylight Balanced, 5600K (Head Only)
  • $1,525.00
  • $1,236.00
DT10 - AC Ballast with built-in DMX for DLED10-D Light Head
  • $1,525.00
220w, Bi-color, Single Light Set, DLED10-BI Turbo LED Focusing Light with DT10-BI, DMX ballast - (SETDLED10-BI)
  • From $3,216.00
300w, 5600K, Single Light Set, DLED10-D Turbo LED Focusing Light with DT10 DMX Ballast - (SETDLED10-D)
  • $3,450.00
  • From $2,880.00
DPOW10 - 23ft Head Cable for the DLED10 Light Heads and DT10 Ballasts
  • $155.00
DEB400H - Ballast Holder with CLAMP-D Clamp
  • $138.00
  • $113.00
DBD400 - Barn Door with 8 leaves for "A" Size Models
  • $177.00
  • $144.00
DPLS400 - Light Shield Ring for "A" Size Lights
  • $32.00
  • $27.00
DSCK400 - 5 or 6 (DSCK400HOLLY) Scrim Sets for "A" Size Lights
  • From $163.00
DWAFX400 - Directional Beam Spreader Filter for "A" Size Lights
  • $90.10
  • $75.00
DFH400 - Gel Holder for "A" Size Lights
  • $36.00
DLWAR400 - Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors ("A" Size)
  • $643.00
DPBA-1419 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH400 / DLED9 / DLED10 ("A" Size Lights)
  • $2,300.00
  • From $1,990.00
DPBA-19HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-1419 Intensifier Lens
  • $165.00
  • $158.00
DPBA-14 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH400 / DLED9 / DLED10 ("A" Size Lights)
  • $910.00
  • From $757.00
DPBA-14HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-14/18 and 714 Intensifier Lenses
  • $280.00
  • $217.00
DP400KFS - Framing Shutter Projector Kit for "A" Size Lights (with 185mm or 150mm lens)
  • $1,564.00
  • $1,130.00
DP400KU - Imaging Projector Kit for "A" Size Lights (with 185mm or 150mm lens)
  • $1,573.00
  • $1,173.00
DP400GH - Steel Gobo Holder for DP400 and DP1200 Imaging Projectors
  • $134.00
  • $127.00
DP400GGH - Glass Gobo Holder, "A" Size
  • $134.00
  • $127.00
DP400IR2 - Iris with 18 leaves for Dedo DP400, DP1200 and Prolycht Orion projectors
  • $643.00
  • $619.00
DP400FS - Framing Shutter Assembly for Dedo DP400, DP1200 and Prolycht Orion projectors
  • $219.00
  • $209.00
DP400U - Universal Slot Assembly for DP400 and DP1200 Imaging Projectors
  • $130.00
  • $125.00
DP400CON - Condenser Projection Module for DP400 Projectors
  • $420.00
  • $402.00
DP400CON-WA - Wide-Angle Condenser Module for DP400 Projectors Using Lenses 70 & 100mm
  • $779.00
  • $738.00
DP400LH - DP1200LH - Projection Lens Holder for DP400 and DP1200 Projectors
  • $99.00
  • $95.00
ProCali Carbon Fiber Handle for DT30 & DT40 Ballasts - (0DT10/40HNDL)
  • $185.00