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A tiny sibling of the ProFlex lights, the PanFlex light offers a versatile and affordable approach to USB powered portable lighting.

Different from the ProFlex, the PanFlex light card is coated in a thin rubber envelope which makes them bendable down the center axis of the light sheet.  They can be rolled up and put just about anywhere. The light is a credit card sized 5w light sheet which draws USB power from just about any on-board setup, including phones. This can be a personal light for upping your selfie game, or for discerning lighting technicians who need a tiny, high CRI rated single color source.

4 products found in PanFlex Light Cards

5w PanFlex Light Card Kit, 6000k, by ProFound (PSK-005SGD)
  • $70.00
5w PanFlex Light Card Kit, 3100k, by ProFound (PSK-005SGT)
  • $70.00
Battery Bracket for PanFlex 5w Light Card (PBR-005PSI)
  • $4.00
Swivel Ball Joint to Camera Shoe Adapter for PanFlex 5w Light Card (PBM-005PSI)
  • $6.00