DLH4 - Double Light Kit - 12v/24v, 150w max, Tungsten Halogen Focusing Light Kit

  • $2,768.20
  • $1,269.00


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  • Hello, I would like to know if you would offer the classic double light kit with a pair of DLHM4-300's instead of the DLH4's and dimmers. https://dedolightcalifornia.com/products/dlh4-double-light-kit-12v-24v-150w-max-tungsten-halogen-focusing-light?variant=31931809169508 Thank you

    Hello! We can make a kit of any specific gear you want, however the DLHM4-300 is not in a kit promo like the current DLH4 unit are.  If you'd like us to build a specific kit (no extra charge for us to help you build a custom kit) please reach out! info(at)dedolightcalifornia.com