DLR5-50x50 - #5 Lightstream Reflector - 50cm (20")

  • $265.00


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  • Hello Dedolight Team, I want to buy a 50x50 reflector, the number 2 or number 5. I just want to buy an individual reflector at the moment, so I wonder if it comes with an individual sleeve for storage. I've bought 15x15 and smaller reflectors from dedo that don't come with individual sleeves, so I'm wondering about the 50x50. Also, I've seen a recent video that you have a v-flector now, but I don't see it as a product on your website yet. Do you know when that will be available? Thank you for your time.

    Hello - Great question. Purchasing individual reflectors does not include a sleeve. It is the most cost effective way to purchase a reflector. The dedolight DEFPL pouch is the best budget solution to keep them scratch-free ($74). The bendable V-flector is indeed a thing! Availability should be in the next month. Sign up for our emailer (bottom of any page in site) and you will get a notification when new gear is launched.