Lightstream Cube Kit 25 with vinyl soft case for 25cm & 7x10cm reflectors with grip gear by dedolight - (SLRBOX25)

  • $2,400.00


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  • What grip do I need to fasten a few lightstream panels to a C-stand or photo light stand? Does this kit come with all the grip I need for that or is there more I need to buy?

    This kit should have everything you need to grip up to seven reflectors at a time via the 5/8" gear provided. The grip arms from dedolight are bendable but rigid when set in place. They use the DLR-LOCK mounts to attached to the reflectors. On the other side you can use knuckles or receivers in 5/8" to get them to stands. Beyond this you can look at our rotating double ball-joint arms which are another great way to grip these reflecors (GFCA58DBJNT).