SET of DLED7N-C+ - dedolight NEO COLOR - WIRELESS, Multi-color focusing light with DTneoC+ Ballast - (SETDLED7N-C+)

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  • Hello Dedolight Team, I'm contacting you about your Dedolight Neo dled7n-c. I need to configure that model in DimRGBW profile on my Lightshark LS-1 and I didn't find the DMX chart for it. Could you please send me that document?

    Thank you, KP, for the question and apoligies for the late reply! We recently added the DTNC+ and DLED7N-C DMX specs PDF in our Documents web page. In the web store's main dropdown menu, look for "Documents" then scroll to find the doc. If you have issues or want to communicate more about it, reach our to info(at) and we can try to get more specfic. Good luck!