"THE GAFFER'S KIT" - dedolight NEO - WIRELESS, Bi-color 3x DLED7N-BI lights kit with DTneo+ control ballasts and essential accessories

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  • Do the 3x DLED7N-BI combined with the 3x DTneo+ - DC provide flicker free dimming at 1000 fps on Phantom Flex 4K? If so, can it dim flicker free from 0% to 100% or is the intensity limited to a certain dimming value, such as 50%?

    Hello - the Neo bi-color lights can be put into a "flicker-free" mode for speeds of up to 50,000 fps. When using this mode however, the output level is locked at 100% and the color range is tunable from 3200k-5500k (future software versions might enhance this). I recommend using a filter or scrim to bring down the intensity for your purposes!