The Cleanest Beams.

It's difficult to match a beam from one of the classic dedolights. This is where the double aspheric lens engineering was born, and it continues today with a wider range of light models to ponder over. There are no fresnel lights here. These light have one aspheric lens at the head, and one within the body in front of the lamp which work together to create a homogenous beam. The nature of this lensing takes what you thought you knew about tradition fresnel focusing lights and leaves it in the dust. Natively, on average, since each light has unique optics, these lights deliver a massive 5º - 55º focusing range. That's not a typo. A 5º "super-spot", and up to 55º flood just by using the native focusing knob. Most focusing lights, be it LED or HMI, need accessories to do that and most don't have an accessory to get to 5º. It takes seconds to swap accessories, and each accessory is arguable better at doing its job than others single-purpose lights built to accomplish the same task. Try to imagine how long it takes to add a par attachment to your HMI light system set-up, then multiply that every time you have to do it over the life of the light. This system can save you DAYS of time. 

IMPORTANT: Dedolight HMI light heads use a double UV coating over the front aspheric lens which dramatically decreases very damaging UV output. These number are 1/20 the numbers from competitors in the industry, making them some of the safest HMI lights for continual use. Please check the specs on your HMI light and be sure they are safe for human consumption.

18 products found in HMI Focusing Lights

200w Single Light Set - DLH200DT Focusing HMI Light with AC Ballast - (0CA200HOLLY-W)
  • $4,900.00
  • From $2,575.00
400/575w Single Light Set - DLH400DT Focusing HMI Light - (0CA400HOLLY-W)
  • $5,488.00
  • From $2,925.00
1200w, DLH1200 Focusing HMI Light Set, 5600k - (SETDLH1200D-W)
  • $9,308.00
  • From $7,669.00
DLH200DT - 200w, HMI Focusing Light Head
  • $2,290.00
  • $1,514.00
0CADL400T-OS-F - 400/575w, 3400K, Tungsten Lamp for DLH400DT
  • $115.00
DEB200DT - Flicker-Free AC Ballast for DLH200DT Light Head (90-260V AC)
  • $2,625.00
  • From $1,760.00
DPOW200DT - 23ft Head-to-Ballast Cable for DLH200DT Light & DEB200 Ballasts
  • $132.00
DEB200H - Ballast Holder with CLAMP-C Bracket
  • $132.00
DLH400DT - 400/575w, HMI Focusing Light Head
  • $2,223.00
  • $1,806.00
DEB400DT-HS-U - Flicker Free Ballast for 400/575w DLH400DT HMI Light with 1000Hz, High-Speed Switch
  • $2,860.00
DPOW400DT - 23ft Head-to-Ballast Cable for DLH400 Light and DEB400DT Ballast
  • $305.00
  • $235.00
DEB400H - Ballast Holder with CLAMP-D Clamp
  • $138.00
  • $113.00
DEB1200D - 1200w, Flicker-free, DMX Electronic Ballast for DPB70 and DLH1200 Lights (90-260V AC)
  • $4,770.00
  • From $3,794.00
DPOW1200D - 23ft Head Cable for DLH1200, DPB70 and DEB1200D
  • $410.00
  • $359.00
DEB1200H - Heavy Duty Ballast Holder with 5/8" Stud and Two Clamp-D Clamps
  • $234.00
DCAB3A-SW-U - 16ft AC Power Cable with In-Line Switch
  • $102.00
  • $85.00
DCAB3IEC-U - 7.5ft AC Power Cable for the DEB400DT Ballast
  • $18.00
  • $16.00
DCAB3A-U - 8ft AC Power Cable for DEB200DT, DEB1200D Ballast
  • $88.00